About us

The websites Bibblo.se and Polarbibblo.se together with all the public libraries in Norrbotten’s 14 counties make up the libraries of Norrbotten!

Bibblo.se – your digital library 

Vi are always open and you can satisfy your reading needs immediately with one of our e-books. You can also find a trove of information in our selection of databases, for example search for scholarships or grants or read about authors from around the globe. You can browse our inspiration lists or search for particular titles or authors. If the book you want is loaned out you can place yourself on the waiting list. You can also extend your loan due date for the books you have at home. All you need is a library card with a pin code.

Your library card

With a library card, you can loan, for example, books, magazines, music, and use our digital services. Go to your local library to apply for a library card. Remember to bring official identification to prove your identity. A library card is free but, should you lose it, you will need to pay a small fee for a replacement card. With your library card and pin code you can log in to Bibblo.se and do many of your errands right here on our shared website.

Polarbibblo.se – a shared website for children 

A safe website for children up to 12 years old, where children make their voices heard. They can draw or write stories, poems and book tips. Everything that children submit is reviewed by library personnel before it is published online.  But wait, there’s more! Children can get book tips from other children, play games and listen to the webbook Where is Nora’s sled? in many different languages. Visit Polarbibblo.se >>> 

In the library

In addition to loaning books and other resources, there is much more happening at the library. We offer a wide variety of programming and exhibitions for children and adults—so check out what’s going on at your library!

Child’s first language

To read, sing, and play with words is a great way to develop language skills. This is why the libraries in Luleå give a book to all small children and there are books in a variety of languages to choose from. The earlier you and your children begin reading together, the better.  

Contact us

Bibblo.se is owned and operated jointly by the Regional Library of Norrbotten and the Public Libraries of Norrbotten.

For questions about e-books or the website, contact redaktion@bibblo.se 

For questions about loaning and reserving books or extending a due date, contact your local library.